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=PCP= Polish Connection Patriots
Great success in the Christmas season! Print E-mail
Written by HB   
Saturday, 22 December 2012 14:30

PCP is still as successful as in the early MTA years! We began to play clanwars at least once a week. We trained alot in spars, so we were sure that we were able to play something serious more often - clanwars. Our current MTA San Andreas gangwar statistics are: 71 played, 61 won, 8 lost and 2 drawn. Overall PCP stats look good as well: 169 clanwars won, 25 lost and 2 ties. So all in all, we did just great. Everything fit in and as you can see here we win against proficient clans, not some random beginner-teams. Check gangwars section from time to time, because these numbers change often!

Besides these good performances, we took part in a prestigious tournament, which is The Team 2009 A/D Cup. This mode was kind of an old friend for us, we played Basemode for years, so we know how to dominate there, and it worked! We won every match until now, so we are in the finals, and we never trained that hard for this success. We just used our knowledge of bygone days.

Aight, let's go to internal changes in our gang. We got a huge amount of applications, and alot of these persons were accepted as a recruit. We would like to welcome b2n , Cruz , Destroyed and Peru as recruits and I had the pleasure to get the full membership now. ;) We pwn the servers together with the other brand new full PCP member - Stiv_O .
As for servers, the Pwn or Die sever, the Mini-Games Bomb da Base server, and even the Basemode Classic server are well attended by players. For example, the Pwn or Die is nearly everyday full of new players, who start visiting this server often. Bomb da Base is still most of the time crowded, so all in all, it is not arrogant to say, that PCP servers have an excellent reputation and great popularity in the MTA scene.

Now, at the end of this year, I can just say that PCP is in the game like never before and our success confirms this. I think the whole team hopes, that 2013 will be this great too or even better.

The PCP Family wishes everyone, who reads these lines a Merry Christmas and a nice 2013!
Have a good time!
Still here and pwning! Print E-mail
Written by NaGiNiX   
Tuesday, 28 February 2012 15:51
PCP is still here and active as before! The past months a lot happened and we're doing great. We participated in the Russian TDM League for the first time, our servers are doing great and our team extended with many new, skilled and friendly players!

Let's start off with our new recruits and full members. A lot players applied in the past months and a few of them with success. We'd like to welcome DestruxioN , Makaveli , NaGiNiX and sutty as full members, best of luck to all of you! Our newest recruits are b031ng , BriaN , Dorega , HB and Stiv_O , good luck becoming full members! All of them are doing great at the moment and the atmosphere in the clan is nice.

Our servers are doing well lately and Bomb da Base / Hostage has barely enough slots! Players have to be patient if they want to play there, since it's mostly full. Main reasons for that are that d0KTOR added some awesome maps and new scripts made by him and suavea, we'd like to thank them for that! There have also been some changes in our other server, 'PWNorDIE'. We changed from BaseMode to Tactics, which works better in our opinion. New, great maps have been added to that server too. We hope everyone'll stay and enjoy playing on our servers!
Now about the Russian TDM League. We decided to join the new season of the Russian League, because it seemed like an experienced and well-organised tournament. After two qualification matches we were placed in division 3c with 7 other clans. We really enjoyed it and gained new experience. It was also a great opportunity for our new players to show what they are capable of. We played better with every game and after our last match it was clear that we won our division! We managed to gain 17 points out of 6 matches, just 1 point more than RW (an experienced Russian clan) and 2 points more than eXtra. We'd like to thank the organisators for a great tournament and the opportunity to play as foreign clan. We hope to play more tournaments in your community in the future!
Best wishes! Print E-mail
Written by d0KTOR   
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 23:48
STEALTH is over! Print E-mail
Written by d0KTOR   
Monday, 04 October 2010 15:30
6th anniversary! HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY PCP! Print E-mail
Written by borosky   
Wednesday, 15 September 2010 15:08
Dzisiaj wypadają 6. urodziny =PCP=! Z tej okazji rozkręcamy gruby melanż przy mocnych decybelach! 6 lat to sporo czasu... Więcej, niż ktokolwiek mógł się spodziewać, że ten gang przetrwa. Do dziś jednak trzymamy formę i zajmujemy czołową pozycję na polskiej i światowej scenie. Oczywiście, to już nie te czasy co kiedyś i nie ma takiego grania jak w Vice City w 2005. Ale cały czas tu jesteśmy, a młode pokolenie =PCP= powoli wypiera starsze. Taka kolej rzeczy. Ole!

//update: NEW 'PWNorDIE' IP:
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